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e-Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on
Design Engineering and Science (ICDES 2014)

August 31 (Sun) - September 3 (Wed), 2014

Pilsen, Czech Republic

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Organized by:

  Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE), Tokyo, Japan in cooperation with University of West Bohemia (UWB), Pilsen, Czech Republic

Edited by:

  Koki KIKUCHI, Tohru KANADA, Toshio OTAKA, Stanislav HOSNEDL and Daisuke MATSUURA

p. I (Vol.1):

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Copyrightc2014 by the Organizing Committee of ICDES2014. All rights reserved.

Proceedings of the 3rdInternational Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2014)
August 31 (Sun) ?September 3 (Wed), 2014
Parkhotel Congress Center Pilsen, Czech Republic

    No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form of by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system without prior written permission of the Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE).
    This work is protected under copyright by ICDES Proceedings, and the following items and conditions apply to its use.

    Single photocopies of single chapters may be made for professional use as allowed by Japanese copyright laws. Permission of JSDE and payment of a fee are required for all other photocopying, including multiple or systematic copying for advertising or promotional purposes, resale, and all forms of document delivery. Special rates are available for educational instructions that wish to make photocopies for non-profit classroom use.

Electric Storage or Usage:
    Permission of JSDE is required to store or use electrically any material contained in this work, including any chapter or part of a chapter.
    Except as outlined above, no part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electric, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of the JSDE.

    No responsibility is assumed by the JSDE for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the material herein.

First edition, August, 2014
Printed in Czech Republic

p. II (Vol.1):

e-Page III:

Conference Topics


Design Methodology

Design process, Evaluation of design, Design assurance, Conceptual design, Ethics in design, Design strategy, Reliability, Mechatronics design

Design and Development

Design of mechanical elements, Mechanical synthesis, Robotics, Linkage, Cam mechanism, Die cast, Biomedical device, Control system design, Welfare device, Vehicle dynamics design, Thermal design, Strength of materials, Human engineering

Design and Production

Design management, Life cycle design, Producibility, Production planning, Inverse manufacturing, Reverse engineering, Recycling technology, Machine tool, Automation design, KANSEI


Computer graphics, 2D/3D-CAD, CAM, Database, Tool path design, Expert system, Rapid prototyping, Finite element method, Optimization method, Dynamical simulation, Modeling, Artificial Intelligence

Accuracy and Measurement

Surface characteristics, Tribology, Tolerance, Truncation, On-machine measurement, Industrial standard

Design Education

Creative design education, Project based learning, CAI, Virtual reality, e-learning, Technology transfer, On hand learning, Robot contest, Active learning

Others related to Design Engineering

Published by

Japan Society for Design Engineering, Tokyo, Japan.

ISBN 978-4-9905565-2-5

p. III (Vol.1)

e-Page IV:

Message from Conference Chairman

    Welcome to the Third International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES 2014) which is to be held in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from August 31 to September 3 in 2014. On behalf of the Japan Society for Design Engineering, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all participants for their contribution to this Conference.
    ICDES was held firstly in 2005 in Vienna Austria, and secondly in 2010 in Tokyo Japan. In every time more than 70 papers were presented.
    Design engineering is always important in industry. Recently design philosophy is actually come to draw in drawing for example as the design by rules. On the other hand, form features are to be paid attention themselves. Art is not the design, but the artistic design is valuable not only car body but also daily necessaries. I do hope all of participants will find this ICDES 2014 a valuable opportunity to exchange latest knowledge and views among the participants.
    Finally, I would like to acknowledge the devoted effort of many individuals, especially Prof. KANADA, Prof. HOSNEDL, invited guest speakers, organizing and program committee members, JSDE staffs, volunteers and assisting students. An additional support from University of West Bohemia (UWB), the City of Pilsen, Pilsen Region, ?KODA TRANSPORTATION, Pilsen Prazdroj and SCHWARZMULLER is also highly appreciated.

President of the Japan Society for Design Engineering

p. IV (Vol.1)

e-Page IV:

Message from Organizing Committee

    The JSDE (Japan Society for Design Engineering) has been established in 1966. In 2005, the society had the 1st International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES 2005) at Vienna, Austria and 82 oral presentations, including 2 special speeches and 5 keynote speeches, from 9 countries were given. Five years later, we had the 2nd ICDES 2010 at Tokyo, Japan and 71 oral presentations, including 1 special speech and 7 keynote speeches, from 9 countries were given.
    The JSDE addressed Prof. Stanislav Hosnedl, who participated in both ICDES 2005 and ICDES 2010, to organize the next ICDES in Pilsen, and he charged himself with convening the next ICDES in Pilsen. Several e-mails were exchanged between us. Then, last September, I participated in WTC 2013 in Torino, Italy. Along the way to Torino, I and the local organizing committee had a kick-off meeting for ICDES 2014 in the conference site, Parkhotel, Pilsen. We talked about effective use of the site and its placards. Furthermore, I was remote-interviewed by an editor of MM-SJ (Modern Machinery Science Journal, one of our media partners). We had a beautiful lunch at the poolside of Parkhotel and a nice dinner at the restaurant of Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsner Brewery). Unnecessary additional speaking, I should go to Helsinki, Finland to join ISO/TC 213 meeting, two day later after coming back to Japan. That was very enjoyable autumn trips but hard work.
    This time for ICDES 2014 at Pilsen, Czech, we have 84oral presentations, including 2 special invited speeches, from more than12 countries (to my knowledge up to this time). As a new approach in the ICDES, the chair of the local organizing committee, Prof. Stanislav Hosnedl and I organize a "Students Workshop". Its offering to students will begin from April, 2014. However, preparation of the conference is successfully arriving at the final stage. A few hundred of e-mails were exchanged between Prof. Hosnedl and me, but ICDES 2014 is a result of an effort of Prof. Hosnedl, the local organizing committee in Czech and the concerning chairs and committees in Japan.
    We will have two special invited speeches from the grand persons of the Design Society, Prof. Herbert Birkhofer (Darmstadt University of Technology) and Prof. Christopher McMahon (University of Bristol). These are too good an opportunity to pass up for all the researchers, educators, technicians and students of the world, including participators of ICDES 2014. Moreover, the publications from JSDE may be registered to J-STAGE (Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic) in near future. Then they will be able to be searched by SCOPUS database and JSDE will make sure of greater and better global repercussion.
    Finally, I would like to express sincere thanks to all the participators and expect a fruitful interchange in the conference and ask your positive participation and cooperation from the bottom of my heart.

Chair of Organizing Committee of ICDES 2014
Vice-President, Japan Society for Design Engineering
Professor, Dr. E., Division of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Science and Engineering,
College of Science and Engineering, Kanto Gakuin University, Yokohama 236-8501, JAPAN

p. V (Vol.1)

e-Page V:

Message from Local Organizing Committee

    I would like to welcome you warmly to Pilsen on behalf of our Local organizing committee and university colleagues. I am absolutely delighted that Her Magnificence Ilona Mauritzova, Rector of the University of West Bohemia, City Mayor Martin Baxa, and President of the Pilsen Region Vaclav Slajs agreed to be patrons of the conference ICDES 2014. I am also very delighted that colleagues from Japan Society of Design Engineers ?JSDE entrusted us to host the prestigious conference ICDES 2014 in Pilsen.
    The story began in ICDES 2005 in Vienna where we met for the first time with Professor Tohru Kanada and other leading representatives of the conference and JSDE. The first ideas about a location of the next ICDES in Europe were born in ICDES 2010 which took place in Tokyo. Probably our extensive Pilsen activities within the informal worldwide "WDK Society" in the nineties and its official follower "the Design Society ?DS" from 2000, of which I was one of the 27 founders also contributed to the choice of Pilsen.
    Thus it is my hope that ICDES 2014 will contribute to strengthening links between JSDE and DS, resulting in the further synergetic step towards enhanced theory and methodology of design engineering, and will contribute to the improved practice of product design and development, because my knowledge, experience and belief from my apprenticeship until professorship are that
    Our beautiful town Pilsen is also ready to contribute to it providing you with a nice environment. Pilsen was founded by King Wenceslaus II at a crossroads between Prague and the kingdom's borders on the junction of four rivers in 1295. Its modern age milestones happened in 1842 when the first batch of Pilsner Urquell beer was brewed; in 1869 when the Skoda works were established; in 1945 when Pilsen was liberated by the US Army; and in 1949 when the first Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the current University of West Bohemia (existing since 1991) was founded.
    The Gothic St Bartholomew's Cathedral and its church tower (the country's tallest at 102.26 m), Renaissance Town Hall, Baroque Plague Column, three modern fountains, Franciscan Monastery and the Great Synagogue, the world's third largest Jewish temple dominate Republic Square and its area. Pilsen's unique history in the arts and interesting cultural projects helped the city win the "European Capital of Culture 2015" title. This noble title is also underlined by nice links with seven sister cities all over the world.
    Thus I am convinced that ICDES 2014 in Pilsen will contribute to the emerging new visions for the future of engineering design and will be a rewarding experience for you, and leave memories of stimulating discussions with your existing and new colleagues.

Stanislav HOSNEDL
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee and Co-chair of the Organizing Committee
Professor at the Department of Machine Design, Faculty of Mechanical Design,
University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic

p. VI (Vol.1)

e-Page VI:

Message from Her Magnificence Rector of the University of West Bohemia

    It is my very great pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd International Conference on Design Engineering and Science ?ICDES 2014.
    The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is the proud co-organizer of this prestigious, global event. It has previously been hosted in Vienna and Tokyo, and this year it is our pleasure to welcome you all to the Czech Republic ?to Pilsen, where I am sure you will have a very enjoyable stay, and not only because of the new knowledge which will be shared here.
    I think it is very significant that the worlds of both academia and industry are brought together by this conference. I especially appreciate that it deals with the very highest level in the given field. I am very glad that part of this year's conference is a students' competitive workshop, which will greatly help students in their future professional life. Communication and networking with industry ensures their personal and professional growth.
    I would like to thank the Japan Society for Design Engineering and all those who have invested a great deal of their time in organizing this significant global conference ?not an easy task, but a very important one. The conference will again push the boundaries of knowledge another significant step forwards

Enjoy the ICDES 2014 conference and your stay in Pilsen!

University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic

p. VII-XI (Vol.1)

e-Page VII-XI:


        Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE)

Co-organizer (under the auspices of):
        University of West Bohemia (UWB),
        City of Pilsen,
        Pilsen Region

Honorable Chairman:
        Eiji MUTOH

Conference Chairman:
        Kazuyuki Sasajima, President, JSDE

International Steering Committee :

    Austria: Prof. Hellmuth STACHEL
    Brazil: Prof. Gilmar BATALHA
    Canada: Prof. Greg BAIDEN
    China: Prof. LIU Shu-Gui,
      Prof. GAO Liang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
      Prof. LI Le-Shan
      Prof. SONG Hong-Xia,
    Czech: Prof. Stanislav HOSNEDL, University of West Bohemia
    Egypt: Prof. Said WAHSH, Electronics Research Institute
    Germany: Prof. Herbert BIRKHOFER, Darmstadt University of Technology
      Prof. Karl-Heinrich GROTE, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
    Hungary: Prof. Jozsef GYULAI
    India: Prof. M. KANNAN, KP Engineering College
      Prof. A. Elaya PERUMAL,
    Iran: Prof. Javad AKBARI
    Italy: Prof. Marco CECCARELLI
    Japan: Prof. H. SHIMOSAKA, Meiji University
      Prof. M. KATSUTA, Waseda University
      Prof. H. SHIMODA, Meiji University
    Korea: Prof. Yong Se KIM,
      Prof. Shunsuk PARK,
      Prof. Jaekyung SHIM
    Netherlands: Prof. Imre HORVATH
    Portugal: Prof. Joao Luis MONTEIRO
    Saudi Arabia: Prof. Hisham ELKHASHAB
    Singapore: Prof. Marcelo H. ANG Jr.
    Sweden: Prof. Stefan KOZAK
    Switzerland: Prof. Paul XIROUCHAKIS, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausann
    Taiwan: Prof. Kuangchao FAN, National Taiwan University
    Turkey: Prof. Metin AKKOK,
      Prof. Sadik E. KILIC
    UK: Prof. Lesley WALLS
    USA: Prof. Mark R. CUTKOSKY,
      Prof. Wei CHEN,
      Prof. Raghu ECHEMPATI, Kettering University

Local Organizing Committee:
    Honorary Chair: Prof. Miroslav SIMANDL, Vice Rector for R&D, UWB
    Chair: Prof. Stanislav HOSNEDL, UWB
    Secretariat: Prof. Vaclav VANEK, UWB
    Administration: Dr. Josef DVORAK, UWB
    Accommodation and Social Program: Petra HANAKOVA, Parkhotel

Organizing Committee:
    Chair: Tohru KANADA, Kanto Gakuin University
    Co-chair: Stanislav HOSNEDL, UWB
    Co-chair: William ION, University of Strathclyde
    Treasure: Nobuyuki IWATSUKI, Tokyo Institute of Tech.
    Invited Session: Keiichi WATANUKI, Saitama University
    Program: Toshio OTAKA, Kokushikan University
    Publishment: Koki KIKUCHI, Chiba Institute of Technology
    Paper Review: Koki KIKUCHI, Chiba Institute of Technology
    Award: Hideki AOYAMA, Keio University
    Conference site: Stanislav HOSNEDL, UWB
    General Affairs and Secretariat: Masayuki OCHIAI, Tokai University

Paper Review Committee:
    Chair: Koki KIKUCHI, Chiba Institute of Technology
    Members: Gao LIANG, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
      Hideaki YAMATO, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Hideki AOYAMA, Keio University
      Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA, Tokyo University
      Hiroshi MASUDA, The University of Electro-Communications
      Hisham El KHASHAB, Yanbu Industrial College
      Karl ?Heinrich GROTE, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
      Kuang-Chao FAN, National Taiwan University
      Li LESHAN, Xian Jiotong University
      M. KANNAN, SKP Engineering College
      Makiko ISHIKAWA, Waseda University
      Motomu NAKASHIMA, Tokyo Institute of Technology
      Norifumi MIYANAGA, Kanto Gakuin University
      Paul XIROUCHAKIS, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
      Raghu ECHEMPATI, Kettering University
      Said WAHSH, Electronics Research Institute
      Shoji NOGUCHI, Tokyo University of Science
      Stanislav HOSNEDL, University of West Bohemia
      Takahiro DOI, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
      Taichi SHIIBA, Meiji University
      Taro FUJIKAWA, Tokyo Denki University
      Tohru KANADA, Kanto Gakuin University
      Tamotsu MURAKAMI, Tokyo University
      Yoshiyuki MATSUOKA, Keio University
      Yusuke OTA, Chiba Institute of Technology

    Support Members: Hideaki MINAKATA, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Hideaki TAKANOBU, Kougakuin University
      Hideori ISHIKAWA, Kagawa University
      Hiroto TANAKA, Chiba University
      Kengo TODA, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Kan YONEDA, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Keiichi WATANUKI, Saitama University
      Kenichi HIRATSUKA, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Kenichi KOBAYASHI, Meiji University
      Kenjiro TADAKUMA, Osaka University
      Kohei NAKASHIMA, Meijo University
      Kojiro MATSUSHITA, Osaka University
      Kuniharu USHIJIMA, Kyusyu Sangyo University
      Kuniaki KAWABATA, RIKEN
      Jun TOMIOKA, Waseda University
      Masaaki MIYATAKE, Tokyo University of Science
      Masaki SUMIDA, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
      Masayuki OKABE, Polytechnic University
      Nobuyuki IWATSUKI, Tokyo Institute of Technology
      Shigeo HIRANO, Tokyo City University
      Shuro NAKAJIMA, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Sumiaki ICHIKAWA, Tokyo University of Science, Suwa
      Takanobu WATANABE, Waseda Univeristy
      Takeshi AOKI, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Taro NAKAMURA, Chuo University
      Toshio OTAKA, Kokushikan University
      Yasuhiro HONDA, Kokushikan University
      Yasuo HAYASHIBARA, Chiba Institute of Technology
      Yutaka NOMAGUCHI, Osaka University

    Partners and/or Sponsors:
      Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE)
      Japan Society for Graphics Science (JSGS)
      Japanese Society for the Science of Design (JSSD)
      Japanese Council of IFToMM
      The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
      The Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE)
      The Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ)
      Japanese Society of Tribologists (JAST)
      The Society for Automobile Engineers of Japan(JSAE)
      The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers(SICE)
      Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE)
      The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
      Japan TRIZ Society
      Japan Creativity Society
      The Design Society
      Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft fur Produktentwicklung Aqua Engineering Co.
      Artner Co., Ltd.
      ADS Inc.
      NTT DATA Engineering SYSTEMS Corporation
      Autodesk Japan, Inc.
      Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
      J_Tech Inc.
      Jikkyo Shuppan Co., Ltd.
      Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.
      General Engineering CO., Ltd.
      Solid Works Japan K.K.
      Design Network Co., Ltd.
      Nihon Printing (Nihon Insatsu) Co., Ltd.
      Japan Mechanical Design Industries Association(JMDIA)
      Mutoh Industries Ltd.
      Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.
      PTC Japan Corp.
      Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsen brewery)
      SKODA Transportation
      University of West Bohemia
      Municipal Government of City of Pilsen
      Council of Pilsen Region
      MM (Modern Machinery) Science Journal
      American Transactions on Engineering & Applied Science

p. VIII-XII (Vol.1)

e-Page XII:

Special Lectures

Author   Paper Title   Vol.   Page

Herbert BIRKHOFER   Are We Aware of What We Are Doing in Design Research?
(Design Research between Science and Practice)
  1 1
Chris McMAHON   Design Research: Current Status and Future Challenges   2 1
Michael ONDRASCHEK   What are Needs of Industry on Education?
(Link between Industrial Practice and Academic Education)

Technical Sessions   TS-1  TS-2  TS-3  TS-4  TS-5  TS-6  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search

TS-1 Design Methodology   TS-2  TS-3  TS-4  TS-5  TS-6  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search
Author   Paper Title   Vol.   Page

Stanislav HOSNEDL, Martin KOPECKY, Josef DVORAK and Ladislav ZICH   Property Driven Innovation of a Technical Product   1138
Stanislav HOSNEDL   Theory Based Management and Software Support of Property Driven Designing of Technical Products   1144
Saimon GOKYU, Hideki AOYAMA and Toshiharu MIWA   The Modular Design in Consideration of Influence of Noise   1150
Stanislav KROTAK, Ctibor ?TADLER, Martina ?IMLOVA and Hana JIRKOVA   Project Management Enriched by Engineering Design Science during the Design Process of a Technical Product   1156
Masatoshi MURAMATSU, Keigo YAMAMOTO and Takeo KATO   Robust Multiple Optimization for Adjustable Mechanisms   1162
Micha? S?SIADEK and Wojciech BABIRECKI   Improving Reliability of Designed Technical Products Using FMEA   1168
Shuho YAMADA, Tetsuo YAMADA, Stefan BRACKE and Masato INOUE   An Upgrade Product Design Method for Satisfying Performance Criteria, Environmental Load, and Cost   1174
Shunsuke IIJIMA, Masaki TAKAHASHI and Masato INOUE   Design Method for Obtaining Diverse Possible Design Solution Sets to Adapt to Changesin Boundary Conditions   1180
Robert FURIAN, Frank VON LACROIX, Ana CORREIA, Stefan FALTUS, Myrna FLORES and Karl-Heinrich GROTE   Evaluation of a New Concept of a Knowledge based Environment   1186
W. Ernst EDER    Case Example of Systematic Design Engineering ? Linear Friction Test Equipment   1192
Kuang-Chao FAN, Han-Ming YEN and Kun-Ying LI   A New Concept of Volumetric Error Analysis of Machine Tools Based on Abbe Principle   1198

TS-2 Design and Development   TS-1  TS-3  TS-4  TS-5  TS-6  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search
Author   Paper Title   Vol.   Page

Kazuyuki KOJIMA and Takahiro OKUMURA   Controller Design for Air-conditioners Considering of Occupant's Requests by using Bayesian Network   158
Kiyoshi IOI, Atsushi SUDA and Masahiko YAMAMOTO   Design of an Active Controlled Caster Aiming at Cart with Low Crashes/Vibrations   163
Kazunori KAEDE and Keiichi WATANUKI   Haptic Feedback by One-way Resisting Torque to Assist Manipulation of Control Input with a Lever   169
Takahiro FUJIMATSU, Mizuki KITO and Kunikazu KONDO   Droplet Size Measurement of Liquid Atomization by Immersion Liquid Method   253
Teruyuki AKAZAWA, Koichi HIRATA, Takeshi HOSHINO, Hideki KITA and Kazuhito FUJIWARA   Design of Ceramics Heater for Stirling Engine   259
Osamu SAOTOME, Fumiya SATO and Katsuhiko TAKEDA   Effect of Combustion Design for Diesel Dual Fuel Engine   265
Kenichi ENDOH, Katsuhiko TAKEDA and Keiichiro SANO   Influence of Combustion Design for Waste Plastic Decomposition Oil   269
Katsuhiko TAKEDA, Kiyomoto TAKANO and Keiichiro SANO   Influence of Fuel Design based on the Cetane Number for Diesel Combustion   273
Hisayoshi NAKA, Yuta SUNAMI and Hiromu HASHIMOTO   Development of the Artificial Wing Suitable for Flapping Micro Air Vehicle Based on Dragonfly Wing   278
Taro FUJIKAWA, Masahiro SHINDO and Koki KIKUCHI   Motion Analysis of Pitch Rotation Mechanism for Posture Control of Butterfly-style Flapping Robot   284
Masahiro SHINDO, Taro FUJIKAWA and Koki KIKUCHI   Analysis of Roll Rotation Mechanism of a Butterfly for Development of a Small Flapping Robot   290
Yutaro KAWAMURA, Hisayoshi NAKA, Yuta SUNAMI and Hiromu HASHIMOTO   Effects of Micro Spike Structure on Flow around Plate   296
Mayo FUNATSU, Yushi KAWASAKI, Soichiro KAWASAKI and Koki KIKUCHI   Development of cm-scale Wall Climbing Hexapod Robot with Claws   2101
Takahiro DOI, Kenta SHIROTORI and Ken ITO   Development of Wall Mobile Robot for Household Use   2107
Soichiro KAWASAKI and Koki KIKUCHI   Development of a Small Legged Wall Climbing Robot with Passive Suction Cups   2112
Ema TAMUTA, Ryozo NEMOTO, Hirotaka TOMITA, Eiichirou TANAKA and Hideo TAKAHASHI   Contacting State on Imaginary Rack of Crossed Helical Gears   333
Kazuteru NAGAMURA and Kiyotaka IKEJO   Analysis of Torsional Vibration in Elliptical Gears   338
Takayoshi ITAGAKI, Hideo TAKAHASHI, Hiroshi IIZUKA, Mikio TAKAHASHI and Ryozo NEMOTO   Evaluating Fatigue Life of Injection-Molded-Plastic-Gear added with Carbon Particle made from Rice Hull   344
Keiji SONODA, Kazuki TAKENOUCHI and Shinji HASHIMURA   Design and Manufacture of New Circular-Arc Tooth-Trace Gears   349
Tadashi HORIBE and Kotaro MORI   In-plane and Out-of-plane Deflection of J-shaped Beam   353
Kohei NAKASHIMA, Yoshio MURAKAMI and Soichi ISHIHARA   Evaluation of Breakage of Keystone Rings with Two Types of Overall Side Angles   359

TS-3 Design and Production   TS-1  TS-2  TS-4  TS-5  TS-6  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search
Author   Paper Title   Vol.   Page

Hideaki YAMATO, Kengo TODA, Masaharu SHIMIZU, Takashi KODACHI, Tomoaki YOSHIDA, Takeshi NISHIMURA and Takayuki FURUTA   Camera Arm System for Disaster Response Robots (1st Report: Design Strategy and Evaluation of Prototype Development)   174
Kengo TODA, Hideaki YAMATO, Masaharu SHIMIZU, Takashi KODACHI, Tomoaki YOSHIDA, Takeshi NISHIMURA and Takayuki FURUTA   Camera Arm System for Disaster Response Robots (2ndReport: A Collision Protection Mechanism for Real-world Missions)   180
Kei YASUMURO, Yong HAN, Ryosuke GOTO, Yuichi NAKAZATO, Yasuyuki MIYAJIMA and Haruo SHIMOSAKA   Riding Comfort Evaluation of Railway Vehicle by a Simulator   186
M. H. SHOJAEEFARD, Abolfazl KHALKHALI and Sharif KHAKSHOURNIA   Multi-objective Optimization of a CNT/Polymer Nanocomposite Automotive Drive Shaft   192
Takuya KITAMURA and Yusuke OTA   Development of Quadruped Achieving High Terrain Adaptability (DOF Configuration Consideration for Redundant Leg Structures)   198
Shinya TACHINO, Takuya SUGIURA, Tasuku HATAKEYAMA, Masaru URUSHIBATA and Yoshihisa UCHIDA   Modeling and Simulation of Quadruped Form Multi-purpose Module System MMS for Stability Control   1104
Ryuta ISHIZAKI, Kazuhiro MORIHARA and Taichi SHIIBA   Evaluation of Driver Characteristics According to Running Condition Using Driver Model   1110
Takeshi AOKI and Kazuki OGIHARA   Design of Quadruped Walking Robot with Spherical Shell   1116
Akira KAMEI, Masaya JINNO, Naoya CHISHIMA, Kenji SATO and Koki KIKUCHI   Soft Landing Condition for Stair-Climbing Robot with Hopping Mechanism   1122
Carsten HAUGWITZ, Kevin KUHLMANN, Stefan LUDECKE and Karl-Heinrich GROTE   Methodical Design of a Trailer Range Extender for Improving the Range of electric Vehicles   1128
Yusuke UDAGAWA, Kyosuke TAKEKOSHI and Taichi SHIIBA   A Study of Robustness in Handling Performance for Light Weight Vehicle   1132
Takao HIGASHIMACHI, Takashi MAEDA, Takayuki OSHIKATA and Ryuzo TORIYA   Finite Element Analysis of the Human Middle Ear and an Application for Clinics for Tympanoplasty   2117
Saori SONE, Daisuke SANNAN, Takeo KATO, Yoshiyuki MATSUOKA and Hiromu HASHIMOTO   Optimization of Cushion and Back Angles for Lower Limb Blood Flow and Its Verification Experiment   2123
Fabian KLINK, Thomas HOFFMANN, Axel BOESE, Martin SKALEJ and Karl-Heinrich GROTE   Additive Manufacturing of Anatomical Phantoms Based on Medical Imaging Data Sets   2129
Tohru KANADA, Hisanori MIHARA, Kouhei INABA, Hiroki KAKINUMA, Takahiro MANABE and Akihide MIYATA   Development and Assessment of Measuring and Rehabilitation Support Device for Myelopathy Patients with Lower Extremity Function   2134

TS-4 CAD/CAM/CAE   TS-1  TS-2  TS-3  TS-5  TS-6  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search
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Masatoshi NIIZEKI   The Principle of Duality in Data Structures and Euler Operators of Solid Modelers   141
Yixiang FENG   Compression of Simulation Results Database Using Tensor Decomposition   147
Zheng-shi LIU, Yi-min LU, En-wei CHEN and Yong WANG   Structure Design for the Elastic Body of a Six-axis Wrist Force Sensor   153

TS-5 Accuracy and Management   TS-1  TS-2  TS-3  TS-4  TS-6  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search
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Hisaichi SUZUKI, Tsuneo EGAWA and Tomoyuki ISHII   Endurance Property of Rail Material for Ball Guide   2139
Motoi MIYAZAWA and Hiromasa TAKAHASHI   Influence of Relative Densities on Tribological Characteristics of Various Artificial Joint Materials   2145
Junya TANAKA   Design of Piston Ring Surface Treatment for Reducing Lubricating Oil Consumption   2150
Yasunori WAKASAWA, Yuhi ITO and Hideki YANADA   Friction and Vibration Characteristics of Pneumatic Cylinder   2155
Yuta SUNAMI, Yasushi FUJIWARA, Yusuke KOTOBUKI and Hiromu HASHIMOTO   Experimental Study on Friction Characteristics between Plastic Film and Steel Roller   2160
Toshihiro OZASA, Akira KINOSHITA, Yuji HIROSE and Masatoshi NIIZEKI   Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Journal Bearings Using CAD   2165
T. KOBAYASHI, S. ISHIKAWA, R. HASHIMOTO, H. KANEMATSU and Y. UTSUMI   Effect of Heat Sink Structure on Cooling Performance of LED Bulb   2171
Hideki YANADA, War Htun KHAING and Xuan Bo TRAN   Effect of Friction Model on Simulation of Hydraulic Actuator   2175
Kouitsu MIYACHIKA and Yuhichi ONO   Effects of Contact Width and Pressure on Traction Characteristics in Traction Drive of Concave and Convex Roller Pair   2181
Hatsuhiko USAMI, Yuma HORIBA, Hideki AKITA and Shuichi KOBAYASHI   Applicability of Surface Flow Process for Modification of Tribological Properties of Titanium   2187
Eita KUREHA and Masayoshi MURAKI   Lubrication State on the Sliding Part of a Multiple Vane Type Compressor   2191
Masayuki OCHIAI, Hayato SASAKI, Yuta SUNAMI and Hiromu HASHIMOTO   Topological Optimization of Dry Gas Seals for Improving Seal Characteristics   2196

TS-6 Design Education   TS-1  TS-2  TS-3  TS-4  TS-5  TS-7  PWS  Keyword Search
Author   Paper Title   Vol.   Page

Akiyo KOBAYASHI and Qifan HUANG   Environment Recognition Using Diagram - as a Practice in Design Education   211
Noriyasu HIROKAWA and Tsutomu NISHIGAKI   Educating Students in Universal Design using a Digital Mannequin   217
Kazuki TAKENOUCHI and Masahiro MAKIZONO   Design Exercise Making Use of Classic Engineering Documents   222
Takeo KATO, Gentaro OTSUJI and Masaru TAKEUCHI   Modeling of Relationships between Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge for Mechanical Designers and Its Application to University Curriculum   226
Toshio OTAKA, Ken KISHIMOTO, Yasuhiro HONDA and Tomoaki KODAMA   Practical Manufacturing Education in the Mechanical Engineering Course at the School of Science and Engineering, Kokushikan University   232
Hiroshi SAITO, Takumi SAKAMOTO and Masakatsu MATSUISHI   Design Education to Develop Self-Directed and Innovative Engineers   238
Sumio NAKAMURA and Masakatsu MATSUISHI   Education of Drawing Courses and Students' Achievements   243
Tsutomu ARAKI, Shigeo HIRANO, Susumu KISE, Sozo SEKIGUCHI, Kazuya OKUSAKA and Rei WADA   Learning Through the Use of CAD and 3D-RP Modeling (From Experience by Collaboration and Communication)   249

TS-7 Others related to Design Engineering and Science   TS-1  TS-2  TS-3  TS-4  TS-5  TS-6  PWS  Keyword Search
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Micha? S?SIADEK   Computer Aided Mechanical Assembly Sequence Planning   111
Kevin KUHLMANN, Patrick HEBNER, Jonas CRACKAU and Karl-Heinrich GROTE   Investigation of Fluid Intake and Necessary Drying Times of Additive Manufactured Hollow Cylinders for Further Use in Vacuum Casting   117
Yu SETO, Fumihiro SUZUMURA and Gonojo KATAYAMA   Thermal Deformation Prediction in Machine Tools by Using Transfer Functions   122
Masato IWASAKI, Mitsunobu FUJITA, Takao MORI, Akihiko SASAKI, Motohiro TAMAKI, Akihiko SANO, Hironori TANI, Akihiro HAYAKAWA and Masato INOUE   Environmental Load Evaluation of Reuse Parts for Automobiles   127
Gerhard KEHL   Design Improvement of Machine Tools by Integration of Cutting Process Model into Finite Element Analysis   131
Mervat MIKHAIL, Yasmine ABOUELSOUD and Galal El KOBROSY   A Survey of Cryptographic Protocols   135
Naoki IKEDA, Daizo TAKAOKA, Charles W. KNISELY, Koji MORI and Kazuyoshi NISHIHARA   Development of Multi Disk Fan Combined with Centrifugal Fan
(This paper was backed down by the authors.)
Daizo TAKAOKA, Charles W. KNISELY, Koji MORI and Kazuyoshi NISHIHARA   Mechanical Active Noise Control for Cross Flow Fan   35
Toshio NISHIMURA, Yoshiaki UEDA, Shoki YONAMINE, Ryoji TSUJINO and Manabu IGUCHI   Impact of a Circular Cylinder on a Water Surface   310
Yongbo HU, Ryoji TSUJINO, Takeshi HIGASHI, Yoshiaki UEDA and Manabu IGUCHI   Development of Al/Cu Dissimilar Joint by New Friction Welding Method   315
Yetai FEI, Qiangxian HUANG, Huijuan YU and Shenghua YE   Research and Development of Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA) in Precision Engineering
(This paper was not presented on the day.)
Hongtao YANG, Caofeng YU, Jiao ZHOU, Xiaona ZHA and Tianfeng WU   Research on Determining Method of the Three-dimensional Thermal Deformation Critical Point of CNC Machine Tool Bed and Its Application
(This paper was not presented on the day.)

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Yuuki MOMIYAMA   Japan in the Globe   1
Emil ?ERNY   Design of the optimized part with 3D printer   1

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