JSDE ICDES2014 Pilsen,Czech Republic Pilsen Region University of West Bohemia SKODA Transportation a.s.

The 3rd International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2014)

August 31 (Sun) - September 3 (Wed), 2014
Pilsen, Czech Republic

For Visa Application:

    If you would like to apply visa to make a voyage across the Czech Republic (One of Schengen Treaty Member Countries), the organizing committee (local organizing committee) will write an invitation letter for you (visa applicant).
    In this regard, you should complete the registration and payment of required amount.
    When the organizing committee have confirmed your registration and payment, the invitation letter will forward to you.

    If you need a visa for entry to the Czech Republic (One of Schengen Treaty Member Countries), please let us know the following things with having a considerable margin of time on ahead through e-mail address icdes2014@jsde.or.jp for the subject of "VISA FOR ICDES 2014".

  1. Full name of visa applicant
  2. Title of visa applicant (if any)
  3. Sex (male or female)
  4. Paper ID (identifictaion number) and title of the paper
    (If you are an author or a coauthor of a paper)
  5. Registraion confirmation number
  6. Postal address
  7. Other matter which you want us to let write in the invitation letter
    (if any)

    Additionally, after writing the invitation letter for you, you can not cancel your registration and can not get refund.