JSDE ICDES2014 Pilsen,Czech Republic Pilsen Region University of West Bohemia SKODA Transportation a.s.

The 3rd International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2014)

August 31 (Sun) - September 3 (Wed), 2014
Pilsen, Czech Republic

Best paper award:

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American Trans. on Engineering & Applied Sciences

Some selected papers are recommended to submit to MM-SJ (Modern Machinery Science Journal).The submission process will be informed by MM-SJ.

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Best Paper Award (1)-(4)

(1) Kuang-Chao FAN, Han-Ming YEN and Kun-Ying LI: A New Concept of Volumetric Error Analysis of Machine Tools Based on Abbe Principle
(2) Takao HIGASHIMACHI, Takashi MAEDA, Takayuki OSHIKATA and Ryuzo TORIYA: Finite Element Analysis of the Human Middle Ear and an Application for Clinics for Tympanoplasty (Static and Harmonic Vibration Analysis)
(3) Takeshi AOKI and Kazuki OGIHARA: Design of Quadruped Walking Robot with Spherical Shell
(4) Taro FUJIKAWA, Masahiro SHINDO and Koki KIKUCHI: Motion Analysis of Pitch Rotation Mechanism for Posture Control of Butterfly-style Flapping Robot

Outstanding Paper Award (for Student First Author) (5)-(7)

(5) Masahiro SHINDO, Taro FUJIKAWA and Koki KIKUCHI: Analysis of Roll Rotation Mechanism of a Butterfly for Development of a Small Flapping Robot
(6) Mayo FUNATSU, Yushi KAWASAKI, Soichiro KAWASAKI and Koki KIKUCHI: Development of cm-scale Wall Climbing Hexapod Robot with Claws
(7) Hisayoshi NAKA, Yuta SUNAMI and Hiromu HASHIMOTO: Development of the Artificial Wing Suitable for Flapping Micro Air Vehicle Based on Dragonfly Wing

Student Competition Award (8)-(9)

(Smart Designs for STRATASYS 3D Printing)

(8) Yuuki MOMIYAMA
Japan in the Globe
(9) Emil Cerny
Optimized Part with 3D Printer

Recommendation of submission to ATEAS:

Papers (1)-(4)

Recommendation of submission to either ATEAS or MM-SJ:

Papers (5)-(7)

Recommendation of submission to MM-SJ:

Paper (10)
Hatsuhiko USAMI, Yuma HORIBA, Hideki AKITA and Shuichi KOBAYASHI:
Applicability of Surface Flow Process for Modification of Tribological Properties of Titanium

Paper (11)
Stanislav HOSNEDL:
Theory Based Management and Software Support of Property Driven Designing of Technical Products

Paper (12)
Teruyuki AKAZAWA, Koichi HIRATA, Takeshi HOSHINO, Hideki KITA and Kazuhito FUJIWARA:
Design of Ceramics Heater for Stirling Engine

Paper (13)
Kengo TODA, Hideaki YAMATO, Masaharu SHIMIZU, Takashi KODACHI, Tomoaki YOSHIDA, Takeshi NISHIMURA and Takayuki FURUTA:
Camera Arm System for Disaster Response Robots (2nd Report: A Collision Protection Mechanism for Real-world Missions)