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The 3rd International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2014)

August 31 (Sun) - September 3 (Wed), 2014
Pilsen, Czech Republic

Call for Entries of Students Workshop
"Smart Designs for STRATASYS 3D Printing"
Student competition supported by TECNOTRADE OBRABECI STROJE s.r.o., CZ,
ICDES 2014, Parkhotel, Pilsen, Czech Republic, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, 2014

Call for entries in pdf format
Template file (DOC file and STL file are included)

Design concept rules
    Design a smart technical product model which can be produced only with a Stratasys 3D printer, in other words, the model that is possible to produce simply because it is additive manufacturing not removal machining. The model should satisfy the following assigned constraints:
  • Maximum number of authors/designers is 1. Student status ID is required.
  • Technological constraints of a given Statatasys printer (using materials of FDM thermoplastic resin and/or PolyJet resin). Applicant should select one material from FDM thermoplastics resin or PolyJet resin.
  • Maximum width, depth and height of a part are respectively 100 mm, 100 mm and 75 mm.
  • Maximum number of parts to be assembled is 3. As a matter of course, only one part model is welcome.
  • In this case, "a part" means a "at once" printed model without assembly, and in other words, "a part" is constructed by one STL file.
  • If a mechanism (assembly), which has two or three parts, is going to be produced, there must be a gap of 0.15 mm between two contacting surfaces.
  • 46 colour shades are available for the 3D printed model. Applicant should assign the part(s) colours(s).
  • For example, when an applicant designs a model assembled by three parts, the applicant should assign one colour to one part.
  • Stratasys logo should be installed in the outmost model surface and the 3D data of logo will be supplied by Tecnotrade Obrabeci Stroje s.r.o. Applicant will be able to download the 3D data of the logo through ICDES 2014 website http://www.jsde.or.jp/icdes2014/.
  • The copyright f the 3D printed model belongs to the designer. Tecnotrade Obrabeci Stroje s.r.o. can make use the printed out models for PR activities with clearly introducing the designer's name and affiliation without his/her permission
  • The owner of the printed out model is the designer. The designer can bring it when the Workshop is closed. However, when the model(s) is left at the Workshop room after the conference, it will belong to Tecnotrade Obrabeci Stroje s.r.o.
  • For applicant information, please visit http://www.stratasys.com/.
Applicant's procedure and conditions
  1. An applicant submits the following compacted digital data in ZIP format by the end of May to icdes2014@jsde.or.jp.
    • Design concept summarized in one sheet of A4 size according to the template file (link to template files),
    • STL and STEP data for each part designed by 3D-CAD (including STRATASYS logo on a model surface. The logo STL file is included in the template file,
    • Additional document which describes the material (FDM thermoplastic resin or PolyJet resin) and the colour(s) of part(s).
    The volume of the ZIP file should be smaller than 5MB. If the volume becomes over 5 MB, the applicant prepares the file at a free download website and he/she must let us know the corresponding URL.
  2. The reviewing committee will inform the evaluation result to the applicant by the end of June. Then, the selected applicants should register to the conference via http://www.jsde.or.jp/icdes2014/ and can accordingly participate in the ICDES 2014 conference programmes including the Student Workshop.
  3. The design models of the selected applicants will be produced by Stratasys 3D printer and displayed at the Workshop room in the conference site from Aug. 31 to Sep. 3. The selected design concepts posters of A1 size in "portrait" orientation will be displayed at the Workshop room at the same time. The A1 posters are made by the organizing committee from the submitted design concepts by the applicants. The applicant can give a short oral presentation of his/her designed product with use of its printed model, prepared poster at the Workshop room.
  4. Some applicants who designed excellent 3D printed models will be commended and awarded by the organizing committee at the buffet dinner (banquet). They will be invited to the dinner at no charge.

Contact info for inquiries: icdes2014@jsde.or.jp with a subject of "Inquiry on Student WS in ICDES 2014".

Conference website: http://www.jsde.or.jp/icdes2014/

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