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Paper submission


Papers and notes of JSDE will be published by the online journal, "J-STAGE" on January 2016. Nonmenbers can also access to them. All authors can use the Free Advance Publication System of J-STAGE.

JSDE looks forward to waiting for your paper submission.

1. Guideline for paper submission
Index: (1) Paper submission via PDF data files
(2) How to generate a PDF file
(3) Publication fee

(1) Paper submission via PDF data files

 Please send a PDF file including Front cover, reference material for paper review and body of paper itself, via E-mail

according to the following guideline.
Contents of attached PDF file:
(1) Front cover (*1)
(2) Interview sheet (Reference matterial for paper review)
(3) Combined three PDF files converted from each part of a paper
(Sorting order is based on the original paper.
The size should be smaller than 3M Byte. If it becomes larger than 3MB, see the notice below.)
(4) (If necessary) Additional reference materials (Proceedings, Abstract of proceeings, other published papers on JSDE journal, etc.) combined together in a PDF file (The size should be smaller than 3M Byte. If it becomes larger than 3MB, see the notice below.)

*1 In the front cover, the signeture of a representative auther is required.
Fill out all the sections of form then print it out. After signature, digitize it, and generate a PDF file from obtained image file.

 If the file size is inevitably over 3MB by such reasons that the quality of the figure cannot be maintained and causes difficulty on paper reviewing, ask the contact e-mail address above.
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(2) How to generate a PDF file

 Though the most reliable way to generate PDF files is using "Acrobat" produced by Adobe corporation, other several method can be taken. For example, many freewares to convert Word format to PDF format or to combine multiple files in together can be found on the website of Vector corporation; http://www.vector.co.jp/
 Other commercial softwares produced by several companies such as Sourcenext, Mediadrive, Livedoor or Justsystem are also available.

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(3) Publication fee

Publication fee is calculated with the following terms:

1. Payment address (For Bank Transfer, Postal Transfer and Cash Registration)
2-22-17 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073
Japan Society for Design Engineering TEL:03-5348-6301 FAX:03-5348-6280

Account number for Bank Transfer: Mizuho Bank Setagaya Branch, Ordinary 530289

2. Submission fee: If the first author is a member of JSDE, the submission fee is free.
If the first author is NOT a member of JSDE, the submission fee is 10,000 JPY. Please attach the receipt that you paid to above account, when you submit your paper.

3. Publication fee:
The upper is the fee that the author prepares the camera ready master. The lower is the fee that the print shop prepares it.
Types Number_of_pages(Max) Under 6 pages 8 pages 10 pages 12 pages 14 pages 16 pages
Paper or Note 6 to 10 (16) 60,000JPY

4. Separate prints
  Under 8 pages 10 pages 12 pages 14 pages 16 pages
50 prints 30,000JPY 35,000JPY 42,000JPY 49,000JPY 56,000JPY
100 prints 45,000JPY 55,000JPY 66,000JPY 77,000JPY 88,000JPY
150 prints 60,000JPY 75,000JPY 90,000JPY 105,000JPY 120,000JPY
200 prints 75,000JPY 95,000JPY 114,000JPY 133,000JPY 152,000JPY
250 prints 90,000JPY 115,000JPY 138,000JPY 161,000JPY 184,000JPY
Shipping charges are not included.

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2. Links for related forms
PDF              Guidelines on submission process, copyrights,
paper writting, evaluation factors etc.
Word, PDFFront cover
Word, PDFInterview sheet (Reference material for paper review)
Word, PDF Paper format sample
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3. Refereeing progress report
The latest status of refereeing process can be seen from this link.
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