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Spring/Autumn annual conferences

The website of the Japan Society for Design Engineering has moved to a new website. These information are as of September 11, 2022 and will not be updated anymore.
Please access the new site from here.

1. Announcement
[2022 Autumn Annual Conference]

[ Entry for presentaion and Paper submission ]

Please visit Conference special page
(Application deadline: August 24 -> extended to August 24(Wed), 2022) new!

[ Entry for Participation for Presenter and Audience ]

Please wait for the reception to start. (Deadline: Monday, October 3, 2022)
(Only when held on online web meeting)

[ Electric files of writing guideline and format sample ]
(Renewed in December 2017)
Format sample (PDF), Format sample (Word)

About cancellation of the 2020 Spring annual conference

we have cancelled the Spring annual conference of the JSDE, which was scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24 at Meisei University.
Paper PDF submitted by the applicant for the presentation will be deleted by the secretariat with responsibility and will not be published nor will it be treated as already published.

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2. Programs of the past conferences
2022 spring annual conference (2022.5/21-22, Online meeting hosted by Waseda Univ.) Program
2021 autumn annual conference (2021.10/1-2, Online meeting hosted by Fukui Univ.) Program
2021 spring annual conference (2021.5/22-23, Online meeting hosted by Meisei Univ.) Program
2020 autumn annual conference (2020.10/2-3, Online meeting hosted by Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Program
2020 spring annual conference (2020.5/23-24, Meisei Univ.) Cancelled
2019 autumn annual conference (2019.9/13-14, Osaka Electro-Communication Univ., Neyagawa Campus) Program
2019 spring annual conference (2019.5/25-26, Kanto Gakuin Univ., Kannai Media Center) Program
2018 autumn annual conference (2018.9/29, Tottori Univ., Department of Engineering) Program
2018 spring annual conference (2018.5/26-27, The Univ. of Tokyo, Hongo Campus) Program
2017 autumn annual conference (2017.10/8, National Institute of Technology, Niihama College) Program
2017 spring annual conference (2017.5/20-21, Chiba Institute of Technology) Program
2016 autumn annual conference (2016.10/8, Kitakyushu International Conference Center) Program
2016 spring annual conference (2016.5/27-29, Tokyo Institute of Technology) Program
2015 autumn annual conference (2015.10/9-10, Hokkaido Univ.) Program
2015 spring annual conference (2015.5/30-31, Nippon Univ.) Program
2014 autumn annual conference (2014.10/3-4, Yamagata Univ.) Program
2014 spring annual conference (2014.5/24-25, Nakano campus, Meiji Univ.) Program
2013 autumn annual conference (2013.10/4-5, Tenpaku campus, Meijo Univ.) Program
2013 spring annual conference (2013.5/25-26, Kokushikan Univ.) Program
2012 autumn annual conference (2012.9/28-29, Otemachi Forum, Toyama International Conference Center) Program
2012 spring annual conference (2012.5/19-20, Keio Univ.) Program
2011 autumn annual conference (2011.10/21-22, Osaka Electro-Communication Univ.) Program
2011 spring annual conference (2011.5/27-28, Tsudanuma campus, Nihon Univ.) Program
2010 autumn annual conference (2010.10/22-23, Kochi Univ. of Technology) Program
2010 spring annual conference (2010.5/22-23, Nishi-Waseda campus, Waseda Univ.) Program
2009 autumn annual conference (2009.10/23-24 at International Education Center, Hiroshima International Univ.) Program
2009 spring annual conference (2009.5/23-24 at Tokyo City Univ.) Program
2008 autumn annual conference (2008.10/10-11 at Sojo Univ.) Program
2008 autumn annual confenrece (2008.5/23-24 at Meisei Univ.) Program
2007 autumn annual conference (2007.9/28-29 at Hokkaido Univ.) Program
2007 spring annual conference (2007.5/26-27 at Kanto Gakuin Univ.) Program
2006 autumn annual conference (2006.10/13-14 at Tohoku Univ.) Program
2006 spring annual conference (2006.5/27-28 at The Univ. of Tokyo) Program
2005 autumn annual conference (2005.8/26-27 at The Univ. of Tokushima) Program
2005 spring annual conference (2005.5/27-28 at Tokyo Univ. of Science) -
2004 autumn annual conference (2004.9/17-18 at Meijo Univ.) -
2004 spring annual conference (2004.5/21-22 at Tokyo Institute of Technology) -
2003 autumn annual conference (2003.9/23-24 at Osaka Sangyo Univ.) Program
2003 spring annual conference (2003.5/23-24, at Nippon Institute of Technology) Program

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