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JSDE awards

The website of the Japan Society for Design Engineering has moved to a new website. These information are as of September 11, 2022 and will not be updated anymore.
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Award for outstanding publications related to design engineering

Eiji Mutoh Valuable Publishing Award
This award is given to an author who worked for beneficial publication that contribute to the progress of design engineering regardless of publishers, if they were JSDE or any other associations.
Award for outstanding design of products or apparatus
Eiji Mutoh Excellent Design Award This award is given to outstanding designs of commercial products and other apparatus, established by companies or other research agencies.
Award for publication business
Best Paper Award and Encouragement Award This award is given to authors of outstanding research papers or educational papers published on JSDE journal "Design Engineering". Encouragement Award is given to authors younger than 35 years old.
The Most Interesting Readings Award This award is given to an authors of outstanding articles except papers, that have made a great impression on readers.
Award for conference and other enterprise businesses
Best Presentation Award, Student Best Presentation Award This award is given to presenters who gave outstanding presentations at spring and autumn annual conference. Student Best Presentation Award is given to student presenters only.
Excellent Event Award This award is given to individuals with outstanding results who join to contests or any other events held, joint hosted or sponcered by JSDE.
Award for contribution on JSDE activity
Honorary Membership This award is given to individuals who have held prominent positions and bas achieved outstanding contributions.
Award for outstanding contributions on design engineering education
Distinguished Educator Award This award is given to individuals who have done outstanding services on design engineering education, in order to reward one's great contribution on the progress of design engineering.
Award for outstanding students who studied design engineering
Eiji Mutoh Excellent Student Award This award is given to the most excellent student who belongs to a department of universities or national college of technology and studies design
Award for Commemorating of 50th Anniversary
Award for Meritorious Achievement This award is given to an person who has excellent achievement and has caused the innovation by his theory, technology or product in design engineering.
Award for Foundation Cornerstone of Design This award is given to the members who have founded cornerstone of JSDE by their untiring and stable efforts.
Diploma of Appreciation This diploma is given to supporting members who aggressively and stably support whole activity of this society.