The JSDE (Japan Society for Design Engineering) has been established in 1966. In 2005, the society had the 1st International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES 2005) at Vienna, Austria and 82 oral presentations, including 2 special speeches and 5 keynote speeches, from 9 countries were given. Five years later, we had the 2nd ICDES 2010 at Tokyo, Japan and 71 oral presentations, including 1 special speech and 7 keynote speeches, from 9 countries were given. Then moreover, we had the 3rd ICDES 2014 at Pilsen, the Czech Republic and 84 oral presentations, including 2 special speeches, from more than 12 countries.
The JSDE addressed Prof. Jörg Feldhusen to organize the next ICDES in Aachen, Germany. Several e-mail were exchanged between us. I had the first meeting for ICDES 2017 with Prof. Jörg Feldhusen and Dr. Manuel Löwer at ikt RWTH Aachen in August, 2015. Then, I was mesmerized by this beautiful historic Aachen city. Then I completely understood that here was suitable for a site of international conference. I enjoyed Aachen of summer to the full enough then. I had a meeting with Dr. Manuel Löwer in last summer and pushed forward preparations.
This time for ICDES 2017 at Aachen, Germany, we have 66 oral presentations, including 2 special speeches. ICDES 2017 is result of an effort of Dr. Manuel Löwer, the local organizing committee in Germany and the concerning chairs and committees in Japan. We will have two special speeches, Prof. Dr. Schuh, Gunther (RWTH Aachen, e.GO Mobile) and Mr. Bernhard Eberl (Global Academic Lead). These are too good an opportunity to pass up for all the researchers, educators, technicians and students of the world, including participators of ICDES 2017.
Finally, I would like to express sincere thanks to all participators and expect a fruitful interchange in the conference and ask your positive participation and cooperation from the bottom of my heart.

Toshio OTAKA
Chair of organizing Committee of ICDES 2017
Professor, Dr. Eng., Professional Engineer Japan,
Mechanical Engineering Course, School of Science & Engineering,
Kokushikan University, 4-28-1, Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-8515, Japan
Kazuyuki Sasajima
President of the Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE)