Welcome to the Fourth International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES2017) which is to be held in Aachen, Germany, from September 17 to 19 in 2017. On behalf of the Japan Society for Design Engineering, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all participants for their contribution to this Conference. ICDES was held firstly in 2005 in Vienna Austria, secondly in 2010 in Tokyo Japan, and thirdly in 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. In every time more than 70 papers were presented.
Design engineering is always important in industry. Recently design philosophy is actuary come to draw in drawing for example as the design by rules. On the other hand, form features are to be paid attention themselves. Art is not the design, but the artistic design is valuable not only car body but also daily necessaries. I do hope all of participants will find this ICDES2017 a valuable opportunity to exchange latest knowledge and views among the participants.
Finally, I would like to acknowledge the devoted effort of many individuals, especially Dr.-Ing. Manuel Löwer, Prof. Toshio Otaka, guest speakers, organizing and program committee members, JSDE staffs, volunteers and assisting students. An additional support from RWTH Aachen University (ikt) and the City of Aachen is also highly appreciated.

Kazuyuki Sasajima
President of the Japan Society for Design Engineering (JSDE)